About Us

Welcome To Fzh Technology

The company that highly skill with big experiences in the field. Advance on the support and services

Who Are We

Registered with Ministry Of Finance Malaysia and 100% Bumiputra status company with full license in IT, Electrical and Others operation job code by ROC/ SSM

Our Mission

We only focus on giving new and excitement experiences to our customer with advance product, advance solution with value for money and friendly environment

What We Do

We research and develop our knowlegde in advance product and system, we develop skill and teamwork. With everything we have we gave our best in our business

Our History

Start gained experiences as the contractor for Telco company and Internet Services Provider many years ago. Tight schedule and hard work is the background of the company then. Learn from previous task and business now we know that working sistem on field required better and advance system, operation with smooth system is the key to best services and the best services come from team with smart move. We learn so much and now is the time for us to implement our know how to the field


Why Choose Us?

Our product is selected by its quality, we choose product with the highest in durabilty, and execelent in tough environment and long lasting lifetime. We also pick the value for money product

We use popular communication system tools and apps, we also have video chat like skype, whatsapp, zoom and many other

Every dime your spend is full cover with services. The price not only on the product but includes all other services that we are provide. That is why we have a lot of returning customer

We provide product brand with top reputations, well know their performance as the best and people choice worldwide

We develop our team skill and knowledge on the product, installation and services. We have our own unique techniques.

Our team members is highly experiences and professional. New members will train and follow our best personel to be the best