CCTV Installation: 6 Things You Must Consider

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Having a CCTV installation at one’s house has become increasingly popular nowadays as it is one of the most important things to do in order to keep the house safe.

With the increasing rate of crime, the demand for CCTVs has increased and many have purchased and installed CCTVs into their homes. 

In this article, we will be explaining to you how CCTVs are able to help you as well as 6 things to consider when choosing a CCTV for your home.

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Here’s How CCTV Can Help You

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Burglary is a property crime that commonly happens in housing areas. Contrary to popular belief, many burglaries actually occur in daylight without warning rather than at night as seen on TV.

To avoid these break-ins, many households have already invested in security systems and CCTV cameras to be installed in their homes.

Aside from deterring burglars from entering, the footage gathered by the system can also be used as evidence for the police as well as insurance purposes in case your house was robbed.

First things first, in order to purchase CCTVs for your home, you must first know how this home security surveillance works.

A home CCTV system is simply a number of cameras that are strategically placed throughout your house and gather video footage which are either recorded or sent to another device.

Older CCTVS are cheaper as they are analogue but require you to go through multiple processes to convert the footage to digital before you are able to view the recordings.

On the other hand, modern CCTVS such as the wireless ones are more expensive and require only a power cable to get started. 

It can also connect to the internet and is able to stream your feed to you so you can monitor your footage in real time on your smartphone.

CCTV Installation: 6 Things To Consider

In this section, we will be providing you 6 things you need to consider before deciding on a CCTV installation for your home so that you can make the best choice for yourself.

  1. Type of CCTV

In order to choose a high quality CCTV, you need to consider a few aspects and features which are the resolution, zoom, camera and infrared night vision.

A CCTV with high resolution will allow you to view images and footage that are greatly enhanced and crisp. This will greatly help in recognizing faces in the footage in case a burglary happens.

The resolution of the CCTV also depends on the size of the area it surveys as to avoid the image and footage from being distorted and pixelated so a high resolution for a big area is recommended.

Aside from having a high resolution to see the footage clearly, the CCTV should also be able to zoom in and out in order to focus on certain objects.

There are two types of zooms you can choose from which are the digital zoom that can zoom in on both recorded and live videos, or the optical zoom that can zoom in very far like a real binocular.

There are also plenty of types of cameras to choose from for your CCTV such as the Internet Protocol (IP) cameras, High Definition (HD) cameras, or Analogue ones which are much cheaper.

You can choose whichever type of camera that is most suitable for your home, so long as the camera can monitor areas efficiently and detect people without a problem. 

In the case of any incidents at night, a good quality infrared night vision should be considered so that it can capture footage even in the complete darkness. 

Just be sure to place the CCTV in a position where it is not obstructed by glass or windows to avoid glare or infrared lights (IR) reflection.

  1. Wireless or wired CCTV

Both wired and wireless CCTVS have their own perks. A wired one is sold relatively cheaper and has better connectivity due to wires that are connected to DVR through a coax cable.

On a more expensive note, a wireless one is much easier to install and move around as it is mobile and portable. So if you need to change its position, it will require less effort.

Wireless CCTVS also operate on batteries, which means that they can still function despite having the electric power cut off. However, you will need to change the battery from time to time.

A wireless CCTV can also provide you with live streaming straight to your smartphone from wherever you are but you must ensure that your internet bandwidth is able to support the camera.

  1. Seek help from professionals

cctv installation

If you are very confused and unable to make a decision on your own, it is best to ask for help and advice from a professional who is familiar with CCTVS.

You could ask them to evaluate your home and provide recommendations on which home surveillance system you should get.

  1. Location of CCTV installation

Placement of the CCTV is a very important aspect to take note of as a poor placement will cause the cctv to not function properly. 

Commonly, CCTV installations are done in entrances such as gates and front doors of a house in order to see who approaches or visits the house, so you can consider placing one at this area. 

Other than the entrance, CCTVs around the house should also be strategically placed so that it can survey an entire perimeter without any obstructions like walls, cupboards or trees.

CCTVs are not recommended to be placed in intrusive or private areas where you would not want people to see such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

Some places you could place a CCTV however are in more open spaces such as backyards or living rooms.

However, if you want to place a CCTV outside your house, you must consider its durability to weathers. In Malaysia, it is best to buy one that is durable to heat, rain and moisture.

  1. Data storage of CCTV

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The storage for your CCTV should be suitable for the amount of footage you wish to capture and save. Additional storage can also be added through a hard drive or a cloud storage.

The storage usually ranges from 16GB to 1TB. Hence, if you have a lot more footage to capture or a higher resolution CCTV, it is best to choose a larger data storage.

  1. Reasons to purchase a CCTV

One of the most important questions you need to ask yourself before purchasing a home surveillance is why you might need CCTV in the first place.

Some of the questions you may also ask yourself are what do you want to see on the footage? Is it an investment worth the money? What type of CCTV should you get, and many more.

You should also survey the type of CCTV for your home as every CCTV is unique and has its own features that cater to different types of buildings and locations.

This step is very important in order to survey your needs thoroughly as well as to make sure you choose the best CCTV for your home so that you will not waste your money.

In conclusion, there are plenty of tips that you can follow before deciding to follow through with a CCTV installation.

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